Let's hit Pause for a sec..

The term 'fast fashion' is one that pops up now and then in the media.  But what does it actually mean?  Well, you know how catwalk fashion designs suddenly appear in major clothing retailers the following week?  This phenomenon whereby a fashion trend is snapped up and capitalised on, is 'fast fashion'.  

Sounds harmless, right?  Well, actually..this fast fashion is driving excessive consumerism of cheap new clothing.  Cheap new clothing we throw away after a few years (if that), and replace with more cheap new clothing. Compounding this problem is that most fast fashion textiles are made of non-biodegradable synthetic fibres..

Hey, I know it's addictive!  I'll be the first to admit that I used to regularly succumb to 2-for-1 sales and sexy advertising.  Then one day, I hit the Pause button.  I started thinking more about the origins of my purchases.   Who, where and how was it made?  Why was it falling apart after merely one year of use?

I also began thinking about the way my parents and grandparents lived.  My mother has a lean wardrobe but in it you'll find pieces she's kept for years...and still in pretty darn good condition.  "Here's the windbreaker I bought during that freezing trip to San Francisco when I was 19."

I want to bring this way of thinking back. Knowing who, where and how your product was manufactured.  Being confident it will last years of use.  Enjoying the timelessness of a design because it wasn't derived from some fleeting fashion trend.

This is what we want for our dear Rustlers.  Share your thoughts with us.




  • Have you seen that latest ABC series that looks at this issue?

  • Yes, this is something we really need to discuss as a society.

  • This makes me so sad for the planet.. :-(

  • Yes! Totally agree about the statement about quality of clothes made 20 years ago. Seriously, why do shirts nowadays only last, like, 5 washes?! Ugh!

    Arabella the fashionista
  • Great article! I didn’t realise how bad a problem this ‘fast fashion’ was!


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